Tuesday, 6 December 2011

News Headlines


There is a lot going on just now so here are the headlines: 
Mum is well on the road to recovery after breaking her leg. She got out of hospital two weeks ago and is adjusting to living at home with the help of family - including my sister, Catherine who flew over from America - friends and health visitors.  Take care mum!
The Baltic Trader has just returned and I got the first mail from the outside world today since  September: a letter from America - thank you Catherine - and a Christmas present of a hard drive with loads of films - thank you Simon and Chris – it’s brilliant!
The microscope I ordered from GX Microscopes in September also arrived today. Excellent machine – thank you Bob!

The last day for posting Christmas mail is the 9th December.  But given that none of the Christmas cards I sent back in early October have arrived yet, I don’t hold out much hope for the cards I'm posting now!
Official last day for shopping is the 15th December when the one and only shop shuts until the 16th January.  A military-precision shopping expedition is being planned.
A technician has just arrived on the Baltic Trader to speed up the internet connection.  Fantastic!

I was invited to Cedric’s 18th birthday party on Saturday night in the village hall. Just under half the entire island population turned out. It was a bit like a highland ceilidh with every generation represented including kids and grandparents. The women tend to sit along one wall and the men stand around the bar or by the stage. Two long trestle tables were laden with savoury food and a vast array of cakes - all home made. There was also one of the biggest birthday cakes I've seen in a long time!  A great night with lively dancing and music.
Finally, back home we've got a new puppy - Rannoch.


  1. Crikey... all food shopping to be completed by the 15th Dec? No opportunity for a Christmas eve trolly dash then!

    Nice to hear your mum's back home and feeling better. A weight off your mind, no doubt.

    Rannoch's a smasher. I'll need to work on B to see if we can get a puppy too. Wish me luck...

    Take care Jim,

  2. Hi Jim

    Damon here Simon passed on your blog link. Hope you are well, sounds like hard work mate. Did Si mention we were working on Further than the Furthest Thing for the Dundee Rep production coming up what a coincidence! Will send you a link.

    Will write more when on laptop rather than phone.

    Take care

    Damon xx

  3. Hi Damon,
    Blog readers might be interested to know when is Further than the Furthest Thing on at the Dundee Rep. And are they touring with it?
    Cheers mate,

  4. News of the squash leagues, O Brien Bucket and ladies team drama now on out Twitter feed, Jim. In case you are suffering squash withdrawal symptoms

  5. Further than the Furthest Thing
    Dundee Rep. Tues 24 April – Sat 5 May