Thursday, 13 October 2011

First Day on Tristan da Cunha - Monday 3rd October

It is great to have my feet on dry land after nine days on the South Atlantic. We were really lucky to get ashore. However we are still waiting for the Baltic Trader’s hold to be unloaded. Fortunately I took a huge bag on as hand luggage. But I’ll be pleased to be reunited with my belongings. The other impact is that the settlement’s store is looking sadly depleted. But I’ll tell you about the store in another time.
I’m in the Rectory, which is where the Anglican priest would stay. Except that the last priest left a year ago and there is still no sign of a replacement. The house is a bit dark, cold and fusty smelling having been unoccupied for so long but it is spacious and does have amazing sea views to the north. Like all other Tristan houses there is no central heating. I’m only there temporarily - until visitors vacate other visitors leave on one of the three ships due to depart over the next week.

People are very kind and friendly, if a bit shy of strangers. Apparently some of the older folk won’t even go out when there are visitors on the island for fear of catching flu or some other bug they have no immunity to. As an example of kindness my new boss came round with a massive two course roast beef dinner his wife had made for me.

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