Thursday, 15 September 2011

Arriving in Cape Town

Ok we have arrived in Cape Town. Got through security checks and immigration without incident. I was worried as my bags contained a load of specialised survey equipment which might have appeared a bit weird to an inspector (like boxes of batteries and wires and plant presses).  Passport control was similarly uneventful: the Officer had never heard of Tristan da Cunha and looked faintly bored when I explained it was half way between Cape Town and South America.
Table Mountain from Cape Town harbour
In Cape Town, everything is strangely different but similar. It's weird, at least for an unseasoned traveller like me, to go abroad and end up in an English speaking country driving on the left!  Talking about driving, we hired a car, Simon drove and I navigated and I took a 180 degree wrong turning when I forgot that in the Southern Hemisphere the sun is in the northern sky!  (Tests on which way the water goes down the plug hole have so far been inconclusive, but Brian Cox says that business is a myth - its completely random!)

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